Our mission is to nuture, develop and sustain green businesses in important environmental and cultural landscapes 

Our Approach

Business and environmental conservation are often seen in conflict. Businesses extract value from nature and environmentalists want to protect it.

We are building win-win solutions for business and the environment. How do we do this? 

  • We cluster business investments in important geographic landscapes, not just investing in one business but in several businesses and not-for-profit partnerships across sectors, industries and supply chains
  • We address the three pillars of sustainable development – social, economic and environmental
  • We build relationships with others whether they share our vision or not

Why? Because we believe that delivering concrete examples of green business in action and breaking down traditional barriers between people and organisations is the best approach to transition to a green economy where business rewards the economy, people and the environment.


EI Businesses

Our current priority is to establish socially and environmentally conscious businesses that turn a profit. Our first two businesses are Mahi-Mahi Resort and the Coconut Value Chain business, both on the Sumatran Island of Simeulue, Indonesia. 

Why is this our current priority? Click here if you're interested in reading a short explanation. 

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