Our mission is to originate, incubate, develop and nurture business as a proactive force for good in a globalised world 


What makes Ecosystem Impact Unique?


We take a bottom-up impact investment approach to climate change, environment and human wellbeing

Business and the environment are often at odds. We build win-win solutions for business, people and the environment

We take a holistic approach and cluster our investments in critical landscapes

We have a hybrid structure with complementary for-profit and not-for profit entities, all domiciled in Indonesia


While we are fully aware of the many challenges we will face, Ecosystem Impact sees significant opportunities to shift away from extractive growth strategies through new ways of doing business.

Truly viable solutions to sustainable development require intensive efforts to reorient our economic systems to proactively address the underlying causes of environmental destruction and poverty. Ecosystem Impact encourages appropriate capital to flow towards businesses that improve natural resource management and deliver equitable community development.
— Luke Swainson, Ecosystem Impact Co-Founder